Candle Wax Removal

Have you ever accidentally spilled candle wax on your carpet? What would you do? Panic and start rubbing the wax in further? Stop. Rule #1…don't panic.

Here is the best way to remove candle wax from carpet:

1. Remember rule #1: Don't panic.

2. Cool the wax down. Place something cold over the wax – like a frozen bag of peas. This will make the wax harden and more brittle.

3. Place a tea towel over top of the wax and gently hit the wax with a blunt object to break up tyhe chunks so that you can vaccuum and remove as much extra wax as possible.

4. Heat an iron on the lowest setting and quickly glide over a piece of bond paper to absorbe the melted wax. Use ordinary white or uncoloured printing paper, rathe1r than brown paper (brown paper is really white paper dyed brown and therefore brown colourinhg migh transfer to your carpet). Repeat for as long as you ge transfer, minding not to stay too long in one place as you might melt the carpet.

5. If some waxy spot remains, either leave it alone for a professional to deal with it properly, proceed further with a ServiceMaster Emergency Spot Kit.