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Area Rug Cleaning

With more and more houses installing hardwood instead of carpet, area rugs have increasingly become a way to add color and style to one’s floor. It has become a key part of a home’s décor and should be cleaned at the same time as regular carpet in order to ensure the best appearance.

Area rugs require special attention that often is not possible at your home. Area rugs can be cleaned on site if there is a suitable location, specifically over a carpet, tile or concrete. ServiceMaster Clean technicians use the same hot water extraction system to clean area rugs as a fully carpeted floor, but with significantly more effort. Carpeted rugs tend to have thicker and longer fibers than regular carpets, while weaved rugs are tightly compressed fibers that are difficult to penetrate. This means more water and solution is required, which can damage hardwood, laminates and other “softer” flooring.

In cases where in-home service is not possible, we will bring the carpets back to our main office and give them a thorough cleaning. They will be dried on racks, bagged and returned to you in a few weeks time (or earlier if special arrangements are made).


Carpet Protection

Applying carpet protection is one of the best ways to enhance the long-term appearance of your carpet and the ideal time to do this is after each professional cleaning. Carpet Protection Carpets develop a worn out appearance without protection in areas of high use. This is caused by the abrasions from soil left on the fibers that causes them to dull and grey.

Three Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Carpet

1. Reduces permanent stains.

Unprotected carpets do not repel spills as well as protected ones. Treatment will allow you to remove spots and spills easily and more effectively, which can be the difference between a spill and a permanent stain. It works by adding a smooth layer to the exterior of fibers, preventing particles and fluids from adhering.

2. Helps to protect well-trod areas from wear.

Areas where residents walk frequently suffer disproportionately from abrasion damage. By applying a treatment, soils are unable to adhere to the fibres and prevent this problem. This also increases the effectiveness of vacuuming, as foreign particles are easily dislodged from the material. This can be an benefit for households where dust or pollen is a concern.

3. Makes your next professional cleaning more effective.

As with daily use, high quality carpet protector will facilitate the effectiveness of your next cleaning by making it easier for our cleaning technicians to bring your carpets original beauty back to life.

Pet Stains and Odour Removal

As a professional carpet cleaner, I can tell you that there are few things worse than trying to remediate pet urine on carpet or upholstery. Mother Nature designed it to be a permanent way of marking territory, so it should come as no surprise that staining can become permanent on your carpet. Indeed, the North American aboriginals used it to permanently dye their fabrics. It is even used in perfumes because of its lingering power.

There is really only one way to remediate pet urine on wall to wall carpet: replace it!

Alternatively, you must be prepared to clean it properly. This involves lifting the carpet, removing and replacing the affected foam pad, cleaning the sub floor & waiting until it’s dry, sealing the sub floor, and then cleaning and treating the affected carpet both top and bottom, letting it all dry and then refitting the carpet! (See our video and picture)

For those of you wanting to avoid this exhausting and costly way of trying to remove both the odour and staining, there are a variety of less costly, but unfortunately, less effective treatments. But be fore warned: These may not work.

Some of our customers tell us that they have tried all of the various concoctions peddled by pet stores, and with varying degrees of success. Sadly, most only succeed in making it worse. It is helpful to realize that any significant stain is at least 1/3 larger in the carpet backing because it is in the pad already, which is a sponge, and adding more liquid only dilutes it and spreads the problem out further.

Steps You Can Take to Minimize Urine Stains & Odour

As soon as you notice that your pet has made its mark on your carpet, you should immediately attempt to blot up the excess. This involves using lots of paper towels or cloths and using your full weight by standing on them to force absorption. You must then attempt to neutralize the urine’s alkalinity with a mild acidic solution (e.g. white vinegar, not malt). Then you can call a professional to deal with it properly. If you have Urin-X pet urine neutralizer contained in the ServiceMaster Emergency spot kit on hand, all the better! Urine becomes stronger as it dries, and if left for long periods it will eventually turn a fluorescent yellow colour and probably bleach your carpet.

The next step is a bit more complicated. Urine is comprised mainly of uric acid and a metallic salt. The salt is responsible for the odour because, in the presence of moisture, it “opens” and releases odour. Since there is humidity in the air, it reacts with the salt and then you will most likely be able to detect an odour. The trick is to either eliminate it by, for example, introducing an enzyme specifically engineered to eat it as a food source, or to try to prevent the salt from releasing its odour by “sealing” it, or preventing the crystalline structure to open, as it does with moisture. Or both.

Professional treatment by ServiceMaster of Victoria is the best course of action to take because it limits the amount of variables that can cause permanent damage. The ServiceMaster Clean treatment topically treats the urine with a 2-part Urin-X Rinse-Away and Urin-X Odour Shield system, which solubizes urine and then treats for odour. Pet Urine Odour Go is then applied to treat remaining urine with enzymes that continually work until drying and becoming dormant.

Nothing is guaranteed, but it will definitely improve the situation. Call us today @ (250) 384 3225 if we can be of any assistance to you.

Drapery Cleaning

The cleaning process we use removes all dust and particle matter, mold, as well we can guarantee no shrinkage.  You have the choice of cleaning on site or in our facility. Included in our service is the removal and reinstallation of your drapery.  Protective treatments are available.  Please call us today @(250) 384-3225 if you have any questions or if we can assist you in anyway.

Blind Cleaning Ultrasonics

ServiceMaster Clean Blind Cleaning Ultrasonic:  For more than 85 years , ServiceMaster has delivered exceptional service and quality to our customer . . . . .  

Our process consists of high frequency sound waves in our cleaning tanks, followed by a rinse.  We gently remove all dirt, dust, grime, mold and those persistent bugs.  ServiceMaster Clean offers pickup and delivery with a quick turnaround.


We clean all types of blinds:





Please call today for a quote or if you have any questions @ (250) 384-3225



Service Master is also able to assist you with Hazmat/Biohazard cleaning.

This includes asbestos, harmful chemicals, lead and biological waste.

Human feces and bodily fluids.

Rodent cleanup

Our professional techncians are fully trained, professional  and would be happy to assist you with Hazmat cleanup.  We follow all OSHA regulations and guidelines.

Please contact our office @(250) 384 3225 if we can be of any assistance to you.

Estate Cleaning

At Service Master we understand the Estate cleaning can be a difficult experience.  Aside from the stress of dealing and managing a loved ones property, cleaning out their home can be very hard. 

This being true as well if they may have had second homes, a storage locker etc...

After you have taken care of any important items or heirlooms please give us a call and Service Master would be happy to assist you with getting rid of all your unwanted items.  (250) 384-3225


Move Out Cleans

Are you moving? or do you just need a really good thorough clean in your home?  Let us do the dirty work for you...  and get your home looking fabulous for you!  We can clean everything from carpets & floors, to washing walls & windows, full cleans in kitchens and bathrooms and also taking care of your window coverings (blinds and drapes)

No job to big or small - please give us a call if we can help you out.

(250) 384-3225



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